The Sanctum is a heavy turtle class destroyer. It is the flagship of the Musteran's 1st fleet and command was given to Asteronth Gond after its previous captain is K.I.A. in First Contact in a skirmish with a Demon sige ship.  

Triad file: # M.F.S. SCtM101 [edit | edit source]

Name: M.F.S. Sanctum (M.F.S stands for Musteran Flag Ship) 

Made by: Auros and Dock Flight Company (A.D.F.C) 

Model: Turtle Class Destroyer

Engines: Super sized ion engines

A.I: Velren

Armament: One fully rotatable Incendia Cannon, 4 Forward and back Sythen Cannons, 300 photon cannons, 12 anti-mass guns, 400 Gentric Fighters (each holding Dark matter missiles and Thermal chainshots) 

Crew: 4,000 for full capbillties plus 500 for civilian transport or 1,000 skeleton crew.

First appearence: Harden Virtue

Background[edit | edit source]

The Sanctum was commissioned to be built by the Musteran Government some 20 years before First Contact. It was meant to be built as a deep space destroyer at first but the lack of defensive ships worried the Royal Family and they appealed for the plans to be altered for it to become a new defensive class ship. With the appeal succending, and just before the commission of The Sanctum the scientists at Auros and Dock Company disovered how to place the very duriable brulli on ships without weighing the ship down and experiemnted with the Sanctum. Upon its creation it was put to the test by defending the colony of Ferin from a imminet raider attack, with the Sanctum out numbed five to one it still manged to take down all ships without any casualties. This preformance impressed many critics and the members of the Admiralty, placing the Sanctum the Flagship of the 1st fleet and began the construction six more ships like it, one for each fleet the Musteran owned, and each as effective as the first.

Basics  [edit | edit source]

The Sanctum in a battle will be used as a forward attack base for the fleet and providing cover support from it's large aray of weapons and holding areas with its large amount of fighters locking down the area simultaneously, with it's defensive abillty of the brulli armor and long weapon, the incendia weapon cannon the term, a good offence is a good defensive becomes a reality for this ship. 

The defensive ship is however far too heavy to land on a planetside though, using over 400 transport shuttles to ferry crew members while its weight due to the bruili armor prevents any fast reaction times for maneuvers and this is seen as a disadvantage and why the 360 Incendia cannon was placed to help reduce this effect. However the Incendia cannon itself has its own weakness, that a majority of the ships power is needed to fire it and much of the ships weapons systems are disabled before firing.

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