Triad File #094Edit

Name: Torlan'Dahk

Approximate Triad population: 3,000,000,000

Approximate Tyrant population: 13,000

Approximate neutral population: Less than 100

Total population: 3,000,000,000

Homeworld: Torlan

Average lifespan: 267 years

Notable individuals: Emperor Velgor, Velgor Stellariath/Dastron'Dahk Aneiris, Dastron'Dahk Tirva


Torlan'dahk are a bipedal, humanoid race. They are set apart from other humanoids by their long, barbed tails, which contain sedatives that were originally used for hunting, and the metallic-coloured exoskeletons that cover most of their bodies. The exoskeleton makes the Torlan'Dahk very tough as it leaves few soft spots for enemies to exploit. On average, Torlan'Dahk are about 1.73 metres tall, and their height is not influenced by their sex. Torlan'dahk are omnivorous, but the majority of their race (those who live in the Triad) live off plants only as this is decreed by the laws of the ancient Triad.


The Torlan'Dahk are a very intelligent race and have the most developed psychic technology in the Triad. They developed space travel around 4,000 years ago, and joined the Triad shortly after. Of all the Triad races, they have the fewest Tyrant members as they have very developed moral capabilities.